The East Bay Chess Club offers a wide range of chess related services, including:

  • Homework and Chess: An afterschool (3-6 pm) program featuring quality academic tutoring, followed by, time permitting, chess instruction.
  • Lessons: Private and small group lessons can be arranged between 6 and 9 pm weekdays and 10 and 1 on weekends.
  • Evening Events: Every weekday evening there will be either a lecture, exhibition, quick tournament, simultaneous, variant night, or other fun event.
  • Tournaments: A great variety of tournaments held on weekends as well as some weekday evenings. Including slow time control swisses, invitational round robins, action, blitz, fischer random, bughouse, team...

The East Bay Chess Club also offers special memberships, with added benefits:

  • Free access to the club during all open hours, usually from 10 AM to midnight, 7 days a week
  • Free access to nightly events from Monday through Friday (e.g. lectures, simuls, short events)
  • A collection of chess books at the club to study from
  • A bi-monthly newsletter, including recent chess news, upcoming tournament info, annotated games, and tactical/endgame departments

For more information on Club Memberships, please go to our Member Info page

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