Mission Statement

  • To provide affordable and entertaining chess tournaments, lectures, instruction, and events.

  • To provide quality academic assistance.

  • To improve the quality and appreciation of chess in the Bay Area, and the standing of the Bay Area within the world chess community.


  • International Master (IM) Vinay Bhat has many tournament successes to his credit. He has won the CA State High School Chess Championship, and represented the U.S. in many international youth competitions. He has one Grandmaster norm.
  • Senior Master (SM) David Pruess has taken second in the U.S. Jr. Championship, and qualified to the U.S. Championships. He has 2 International Master norms.
  • National Master (NM) Andy Lee was the leader of the Berkeley High Chess Team, through many successful campaigns. Achieved the national master title at age 18, and recently lead his collegiate team to first place at the USAT midwest, with a perfect score on board 1.
  • Expert David Steel was a high school and collegiate chess star, dubbed Mr. Clutch by his teammates. He is also a 1 dan (amateur master) at go.

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